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Insurance and Financial Policies



Children's Eye Care's Business Office is available for any questions regarding bills and to make financial arrangements, if necessary on a balance. The hours of the Business Office are 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. If you get an voice mail please leave a message and phone number, someone will get back to you as soon as possible. The Business Office phone number is 860-409-0449.

Children's Eye Care participates with the following insurance companies:


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Cigna Health Care


Health Net 

Multi Plan

North East Direct Health Plan

North East Health Care Alliance

Pequot Mashantucket Health Plan

Private Health Care System


Tri Care

United HealthCare 

PLEASE NOTE: For our patients who have insurance that Children's Eye Care does not participate with, payment is due at the time of the visit. A budget plan may be arranged if needed. We do not submit claims to insurance companies with which we do not participate. We will give you a bill to submit to your insurance company.

Insurance Cards: Please bring your current insurance card to each visit. We must copy both the front and back of your card. Many insurance companies have an address on the back of the card listing where to mail the claim.

Insurance Coverage: Insurance Companies have many different plans. Some cover a routine eye exam yearly, others cover one every 2 yrs and some do not cover routine exams at all. Some plans have a deductible, which is the patient's responsibility. Some require authorization or a referral for visits and others do not. Many do not cover contact lens or prisms or orthoptic visits.

Please check your specific coverage before your visit so that you will understand your coverage.

Copays: When your insurance company requires a copay (usually listed on your card), this payment is requested at check-in time, prior to the visit, to save you time upon checking out.

Referrals: If a referral is required by your insurance, it is the patient or parent's responsibility to get a referral from the primary care doctor prior to the visit.
In the absence of a referral you will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility for the visit. This will make you responsible for the visit's fee if your primary care does not send a referral.

Note: We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express

Two Insurances: If you have coverage by two insurance plans, we need to know which is Primary and which is Secondary. We also need to know who is the subscriber for each policy,  the employer of each subscriber and their birthdates. Please bring both insurance cards.

If you need additional help you can email the business office staff by clicking here: rachel@weseekids.com

Written By: Norma Nielsen, Co- Manager / Financial Coordinator
Feb 08